Stuff to Read and Watch While You’re Sitting on the Toilet

By Corey Beasley

You're already starring at your phone, so you might as well read or watch something good.

Here's a few good articles and videos for ya...Its a variety of stuff that we thought you guys would enjoy.

read watch youre sitting toiletTeaching The Hip Hinge: Things Most Trainers Don’t Think About

Does a person understand where their hips are?  Does this person understand where their spine is?  Can they denote the difference between moving their hips and their spine?  The answer is often no, expressed in a trifecta.  So where do we start? How do we begin to create a learning context using movement analogies so that people, absent the necessary raw materials, can barbell deadlift.

From Rehearsal to Reality: How to Train for Chaos

In every physical endeavor, there is what looks good in practice, what happens in real life, and the space between the two.  This is perhaps best exemplified in martial arts training. Martial artists practice movements like shadow boxing or grappling, drills on a dummy, and kata (choreographed sequences). These movements make martial arts look pretty. But then sparring happens, and things get ugly.

Post Workout Recovery5 Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

In many ways, the uncontrolled mind resembles a five year old child wanting to run amok through the city streets, only able to sit still for a few seconds before getting the urge to jump up again. If you allow your brain to continuously run a mile a minute without ever interjecting, it will only press on with the madness until you discover that your mind has slowly become a prison.

Post Workout Recovery Routine

Often overlooked or not considered is the impact you can make in expediting the recovery process, as soon as you finish your last rep or step off the matt after your last roll. It pays to take time to encourage the body to go from a very excited state to more relaxed one.

The Essence of an Athlete: How Portal Helps McGregor Win

Recently we saw a flood of Facebook re-posts of UFC fighter Conor McGregor training with IdoPortal. These posts have drawn attention to free movement as training. The post linked above contains an important line for those who “don't have the base level of joint health then don't just run out and start doing all this.” This point is not to be glossed over.

100 Amazing Mini Habits That Will Make 2016 Awesome

Over the past 31 years of my life, I've learned a lot through my experiences. I'll be sharing with you my top 100 tips on work, life hacks, and life lessons.


Beyond the Plank: Crawling Exercises with the Ultimate Sandbag

Society's a Trap - Joe Rogan

Squatting on all fours w/ The Versapulley

Funny Stuff You See in the Gym