Our Top 10 Articles from April 2014 # Fight Camp Conditioning

by Corey Beasley

Below is a list of the most popular articles from the last month.

Our coaches killed it and provided some incredible info.

Check it out:

1.  10 Exercises to Build Grip Strength For Fighters, MMA, Wrestlers, BJJ and other Combat Athletes.

Want to develop a strong powerful grip?  If so, this is the article for you.  Our most popular article to date!!

2.  5 Ways to Build Gorilla Strength with the Pull-up

Marcus shared some beauties in this one.  Killer pull up variations to get your upper body whipped into shape!

3.  Heavy Bag Conditioning Workouts for Fighters

Coach Brett shares some of his favorite heavy bag routines...perfect for anyone looking for a change of pace.

4.   7 Ways to Increase Your Performance, Avoid Injury and Prolong Your Career as a Martial Artist

Some real world tips right here.  Create a plan, stick to the plan and execute!

5.  Hip Mobility Solutions – An Interview with MMA Grip Strength For Fighters coach Eric Wong

Stiff hips can cause a lot of problems, like back pain, knee pain and more.  Get your ego out the way and start doing more mobility work.  You'll thank us later.

6.  Medicine Ball Exercise to Develop Top Pressure for Grapplers

Every once in awhile, we find something really cool and unique.  Jim Shared a simple drill to develop balance, control and a awareness that simulates the top position in jiujitsu.  Great drill!

7.  12 Kettlebell Flows for MMA and BJJ

Some great series of bodyweight and kettlebell exercises from Joey.

8.  Lyoto Machida Displays Insane Balance – Are You Training This Aspect of Your Athletecism?

Not too many people talking about this, but balance is a huge asset in grappling and fighting.  Some really cool videos in here.

9.  5 Advanced Getup Exercises to Build Massive Strength

This dude is STRONG.  185lb barbell get up strong.  Ian shared some awesome progressions that you need to try.

10.  Basics of the Bulgarian Bag

Stephen walks us through some of the basic exercises, concepts and provides a cool workout plan.  If you haven't tried a Bulgarian Bag, you are truly missing out.

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