It’s All In The Hips: Review of Eric Wong’s ‘Hip Mobility Solution’

By Corey Beasley

Everybody wants to hit harder, blast takedowns and control their opponent on the ground.

While skill is the #1 component, developing mobile, strong and powerful hips can help almost every athlete.

If your hips are stiff and weak, you lose power, have trouble performing certain skills and will suffer because of it.

If this stuff sounds familiar, you might want to check out Eric Wong's "Hip Mobility Solution"

Check out a few of Eric's favorite hip exercises here:

While we are typical skeptical with most online experts, Eric knows his stuff and really over-delivered with this product.

In this program, you will find step by step instructions for dealing with common tightness and pain.

  • Hip Flexor Sequence
  • Adductor Sequence
  • Hip Capsule Sequence
  • Hamstring Sequence
  • and more.

Hip Mobility Solution comes with simple instruction, easy to follow videos and drills that can be included between workouts or as a warm up/cool down.

If you you, or someone you know is suffering with tight hips, low back pain or similar, you've got to check this out.

>>Check out Eric's Hip Mobility Solution<<, stable and strong hips help you hit like a truck, power thru takedowns and control your opponent on the ground.

This is a killer product for any fighter or grappler.

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