Medicine Ball Exercise to Develop Top Pressure for Grapplers

by Jim Romig

We've all rolled with an experienced grappler and felt the crushing power and control that stems from their ability to apply pressure from the top.

The question is...How do you develop that pressure?

Originally, I did these drills on a physio ball, but after developing a medicine ball program, I found these to have a better carryover.  These drills are great for developing awareness of a shifting mass beneath you while going through some complex movements you would encounters in combative sports such as grappling, jiu jitsu or wrestling.

Once you are comfortable and efficient with these movements, they can be sped up and used as conditioning drills.

Jim Romig is the resident combative conditioning expert at Wolf Fitness Systems. As a mixed martial art athlete and grappling coach, Jim has a great understanding of the practical applications of the moves he teaches. As a result, he has developed the Med Ball Athletic Conditioning (MBAC) system, great for training fighters or anyone that would like to train like one!

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