12 Kettlebell Workouts for MMA and BJJ

 by Joey Alvarado

Kettlebells are an incredible tool.

Kettlebell FlowsIn this video, Joey demonstrates some of the series that he uses to get in shape and prepare his athletes for competition.

These drills will help produce more mobility, stability, strength and power on the mat or in the cage.

A great addition to any workout program.

  1. Thruster / Swing flowjoey alvarado get up
  2. Hand Clean / Alt Swing flow
  3. Clean and Rip flow
  4. Clean, Squat and Press flow
  5. T-rex / Figure 8 flow
  6. Dragon squat flow
  7. Overhead squat flow
  8. Rocking chair Get up flow
  9. Snake walk out flow
  10. Combat flow
  11. Strikers flow
  12. TGU flow

Joey Alvarado owns SoCal MMA in Los Angeles and developed Kettle-Jitsu Revolution, which is a bodyweight and kettlebell training program.

He specializes in kettlebell exercises and bodyweight flows that are perfect for mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu and other combat sports.

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