HSSS – Hand Supported Split Squat

By William Wayland

Single leg training is essential for athletics, but many are unable to sufficiently load these exercises because of a lack of balance.  The hand supported split squat allows the athlete to move more weight and produce more force.  By holding the handles for support, this increases the athletes ability to stabilize and allows them to focus purely on force production.  In today's video, Coach William Wayland walks us through a tutorial on this unilateral leg exercise.


Hand Supported Split Squats

Technique, Tips and Setup

  • Setup is similar to a traditional Split Squat
  • Use hand supports for balance...Do NOT Grip
  • Safety bar is set on shoulders
  • Head and chest high
  • Find foot position first before lowering.
  • Looking for 90/90 at the knees
  • Advanced progression involves forward knee position and torso lean.
  • Loading similar to your regular back squat.

William Wayland is owner and operator of Powering Through in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. William is a strength and conditioning coach specializing in the physical preparation of fighters from MMA, grappling and the striking sports. He is a strength and conditioning consultant for the PGA European Tour Performance Institute. Working with elite level golfers, motor sport athletes and members of the general public.

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