Unlocking Your Hips: Move More Efficiently, Reduce Pain and Prevent Injuries

By Corey Beasley


Most people's hips are locked up from sitting, standing and not moving enough through full range of motion. Even if you train consistently, odds are, your hips are stiff and causing problems. Stiff hips can cause knee and back pain, limit movement and create problems when trying to lift or perform during your skill practice. One of the most simple ways to address this, is to simply add a few hip mobility drills into your daily routine or warm up.  Consistent use of these drills can dramatically improve your range of motion and function of the hips and muscles throughout the legs, hips and torso.


 Dr. Andreo Spina - Hip Mobility Drills to Add Into Your Daily Routine 


Max Shank's 10 Minute Hip Flow



GMB Fitness Daily Hip Mobility Routine


Corey Beasley's Hip Mobility Series


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