Corey Beasley



I have been training a variety of people for over 20 years. My goal is to help a few more people feel better, become more active and perform at their best.

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Fighter's FIVE ebook


Whether you’re a seasoned vet, or a young stud with a lot to prove, this personalized workout program will help you become stronger and improve your conditioning. You just got to take the next step…

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Training Plans

Prepare for Battle


Over the years, we’ve watched countless fighters and grapplers screw up opportunities by missing weight

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Develop the Athlete


Big muscles DO NOT equal stronger, more powerful athletes. In order to develop more power,

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Build the Beast


If two athletes have an equal skill set, the stronger fighter will almost always win.

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Expand the Tank


‘Gassing Out’ is one of the most feared aspects of any fight. Your body stops

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Tune Up


The ‘Tune Up” Program can help you prevent a lot of unnecessary aches n pains.

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Complete CORE


Develop a ‘Rock Solid’ Torso That Will Have You Striking Harder, Finishing More Takedowns and

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Grappler’s Grip


Grip strength is often overlooked, but can be an incredibly valuable asset for any fighter

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The Complete Camp


I’ll show you exactly how I’ve helped combat athletes from around the globe physically prepare

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