Truth About MMA Strength Training

By Brett Bartholomew for Truth About MMA Strength Training

Many people get stuck believing myths, gravitating toward one modality or falling in love with a specific piece of equipment.  Common examples include core training, mobility, agility, conditioning or becoming the (insert piece of equipment) guy. 'Pigeon holing' ourselves like this is very limiting and can adversely affect our results from our workouts. The truth is these are just pieces of a larger puzzle and a good mma strength training plan needs to be comprehensive to address all of the athletic characteristics needed to perform at your best.  In today's video, Coach Brett Bartholomew discusses the aspects of a good strength training plan.

The Truth About MMA Strength Training

At the End of the Day, Your Workouts Should Include 3 Things:

  1. Ground based - Your feet should be on the ground when you're training.  That's how you'll learn to transfer force, absorb load and produce force.
  2. Multi-planer - Moving front to back, side to side or rotating in a variety of directions.  Often times people get stuck in the sagital plane, only moving forward and back.
  3. Multi-joint - Use exercises that call on large muscle groups.  The more muscle that we use during training, the bigger hormonal response and the more adaptation you'll get in the body.

Good, no nonsense training will help you far more than an isolated, trendy program.


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