A Simple, Step by Step 
Training Plan That Should Be Used Leading Up To Your Next Fight!


Whether you’re an amateur or UFC Veteran, the Physical Fighter workout plan will help you get stronger, more powerful and develop the cardio necessary to scrap for the entire fight.




MMA is like the wild west right now… so many opinions and ideas on how fighters should train, but the reality is that fighters are struggling to stay healthy and are not getting the elite training that they deserve.  It can be confusing and frustrating to say the least.

Thats why we developed the Physical Fighter.

It’s comprehensive, easy to follow plan and is founded upon sound bioenergetic and phsyiological principles as it pertains to enhancing sports performance.  No opinions here, this program shares exactly how Brett addressed each mma fighter that walked through his doors.

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Module #1 – Creating “Buy In” w/ Your Athletes

No matter how good your workouts may be, if your athletes don’t trust you or understand the plan, results will suffer.

Module #2 – Long Term Performance Plan

Developing athletic qualities takes time and in order to perform at your best, you must use intelligent, well thought out, workout progressions.  Brett lays out his long term plan for developing athletic fighters.

Module #3 – Training Phase Breakdown

Each training phase is developed to address specific athletic qualities and Brett breaks everything down in digestable chunks, that are easy to understand and implement into your training.

Module #4 – Weekly Breakdown

Planning your training sessions each week is vital for your long term success. Brett walks you through exactly how to coordinate between skill, strength and conditioning sessions.

Module #5 – Program Flexibility

If you fight, you understand that things rarely go to plan. Having a flexible strength and conditioning plan is essential, so we can efficiently navigate the obstacles that come up during camp. Adjust, redirect and keep improving.

Module #6 – Phase 1

Phase 1 workouts help develop a foundation of strength and conditioning. Laying the groundwork, so we can adapt to more intense training over the following weeks.

Module #7 – Phase 2

Phase 2 ramps up the intensity and starts to prime the body for the most intense workouts in Phase 3.

Module #8 – Phase 3

This is the most intense section of the training camp and will prepare your body for all of the physical demands of a mma fight.

Module #9 – Taper

This is usually the toughest for people to follow, but a good taper allows the fighter to recover and compete at their very best.

Module #10 – Energy System Development

Many coaches make conditioning way too complicated. Brett lays out a simple conditioning plan for mma fighters to follow, so they show up healthy and ready to compete at the highest levels.

What are Top Fighters Saying About Brett?

T“I’ve never been big into lifting weights for fight preparation, but this was different. Brett balanced strength work and athletic development.”

Former UFC Champion, Luke Rockhold

photo credit: @ewillphoto

“I really enjoyed working with Brett. When it comes to MMA, there are many facets to it and getting the proper strength training can be very challenging. Brett was not only able to meet my needs as an athlete but he exceeded them. Every workout was a challenge in a new way and by the end of our time together I feel I actually gained a whole lot. Any coach can get your tired, but it takes the right training to give you gains that last, and Brett was able to do that!”

– Rashad Evans – Former UFC Champion

“Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my favorite strength and conditioning coach, Brett Bartholomew. He’s got a plethora of knowledge, knows how to prepare the body and is a genius when it comes to fight prep. If anyone is looking for a strength and conditioning coach, I would highly recommend Brett and his program.”

Juliana Pena – UFC Bantamweight Fighter

“I have been following you guys for some time and bought one of your programs called Savage & Simple. After years and years of doing this i have signed my first UFC contract few days ago after stopping my opponent on contender series. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that you were a small part of my path. Now it’s showtime!”

Uroš Medić – Dana White’s Contender Series Winner and UFC Fighter

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