Lifting Heavy vs Fast with the Versapulley

By Corey Beasley

Fighters and Grapplers need change up their resistance training at various times of the year. Sometimes we want to have high resistance to build strength, while other times we want to move fast and develop more speed & power.The resistance of the Versapulley allows us to dynamically load the concentric and eccentric portion of movements. The more force an athlete produces, the more force they must also control on the eccentric portion of the movement. In today's video Corey talks about using the Versapulley to adjust the resistance and tempo to get his athletes prepared to compete.

Lifting Heavy vs Fast with the Versapulley

Versapulley: Heavy vs Fast

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Benefits of Flywheel Training with the Versapulley

  • Scalable resistance for any ability level or goal
  • Used for exercises at any angle
  • Easily mounts to any rack, wall, etc.
  • Challenges the athlete in eccentric and concentric portions of the lift.
  • Small footprint fits in any gym.

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