Ignite Your Combat Performance: Master Speed and Explosiveness to Dominate Your Opponents

Transform your training, enhance your speed and power. Gain the upper hand in every fight. This isn't just a workout - it's your path to becoming a formidable combat athlete.



How Do We Develop More Power?

In order to develop more power, our bodies must learn how to recruit more muscles and get them firing together efficiently.

The truth is that we can all develop more speed and power, if we perform the right workouts.

After watching countless athletes grind themselves into burn out, we decided that we had to share some methods that are proven to develop quicker, more explosive fighters and grapplers. 

Inside You’ll Get Access To:

  • Unlock More Power by Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses with 4 Simple Tests
  • 3 Types of Workouts Proven to Increase Speed, Power and Explosiveness
  • Learn What Exercises Are the Best for Developing More Athletic Power
  • Easy to follow 12 week training plans for beginners to advanced athletes.


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