BJJ Strength: Banded Zercher Good Mornings

By PJ Nestler

We recently visited Coach PJ Nestler and were able to shadow one of his sessions. One of the drills that caught our eye, was the Banded Zercher Good Mornings. Pj uses this drill to develop the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and back) of his athletes.


Benefits of the Banded Zercher Good Morning

  1. The Zercher Position (band in the crooks of the arms) allows us to challenge the posture and torso of the athlete.
  2. The bands provide a unique resistance, that challenges the athlete the most, in their strongest position.
  3. Using a band instead of the barbell is much easier on the shoulders.



Set up and Performing the Banded Zercher Good Morning



Coaching Cues:

  • Keep the Arms pulled Into the Chest, Shoulder Blades Back.
  • Drive the Belt Buckle Foward, Stand Up Tall and Clinch the Glutes at the Top.
  • Don't Let the Shoulders Round at Any Point
  • Do NOT Over-Extend and Arch the Low Back at the Top of the Movement.


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