BJJ Video Series

Access Coach PJ's 4-Part Video Series for Jiu Jitsu Athletes

This video series will help you improve your training schedule, grip strength, neck strength and explosiveness on the mat.

Inside You'll Learn About:

How to Optimize Your Weekly Training Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I first start working with an athlete is planning out their weekly training schedule and almost every single fighter I’ve worked with has made the same mistake until they have somebody who kind of helps them understand how to lay these practices out and structure everything properly.

Tips on Developing Crazy Grip Strength

Grip strength exercises and tips that will, not only build strength, but will challenge the endurance of your grip, so you train your hands to last throughout the duration of your fight or match.

Bodyweight Drills to Strengthen Your Neck

2 part video tutorial that showcases exercises and tips for developing a stable, strong neck that will be a huge asset during training and competition.

Key Principles to Becoming More Explosive

The expression of power is a critical component of jiu jitsu performance. Power underpins many of the most common techniques in BJJ, from shooting for a takedown, or exploding to hit a submission, the use of force at high velocities (power) will determine the effectiveness of skills in the cage.



4 Part Video Series for BJJ