Exercise of the Week: Half Kneeling Bottoms Up Press

By PJ Nestler

This is a great Exercise for Jiu Jitsu to develop shoulder stability and strength, as well as, restoring some overhead pressing patterns.  I love this movement because it is self-limiting, meaning, if I don't have perfect alignment, I can't control the kettle bell and am forced to adjust.  The half kneeling position takes the lower body out of the equation and forces us to concentrate on the upper body pressing mechanics.  Choose a kettle bell that is heavy enough to force you to concentrate but not so heavy that you lose control of the bell.


Half Kneeling Bottoms Up Press for BJJ Strength


  • Start in a half kneeling position, back knee directly under the hip and a straight line from the knee, hip, shoulder and ear.  Front leg is directly out in front.  Body is tall and straight.
  • Grab the kettlebell and flip it upside down in one hand.
  • Arm should be about 45 degrees out, with the wrist and elbow in a straight line.
  • Brace through the trunk and press the kettlebell overhead, so that the bell, wrist, arm, shoulder, torso, hip and back leg are lined up.


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