The Biggest Mistake When Cutting Weight for BJJ

By PJ Nestler

PJ has worked with 100s of BJJ athletes. In the following video, he breaks down the biggest weight cutting mistake that he sees with BJJ competitors.

The Biggest Mistake When Cutting Weight for BJJ

Weight Cut for BJJ:

  • Prioritize skill training and athletic development, instead of cutting weight for every tournament
  • If you are constantly cutting weight, its difficult to improve conditioning, get stronger and become more powerful.
  • Long term athletic development will give you an advantage as the level of competition increases
  • Provide the appropriate stress and allow your body to slowly improve over time.
  • You can't cut and peak for every tournament... focus on 3-4 big tournaments each year.
  • Cutting lots of water weight before a tournament, reduces stamina, strength and power.

Coach PJ Nestler is the Director of Performance at XPTlife and has 10+ years Coaching Athletes for Combat Sports.


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