3 Explosive Jiu Jitsu Exercises

By PJ Nestler

These are hot commodities, when it comes to grappling and jiu jitsu.  Anyone that rolls would love to more powerful, athletic and fast.  In today's video, Coach PJ walks us through a few of his favorite explosive jiu jitsu exercises.  Each one of these exercises will challenge you in a new way and help develop the athleticism you need to be more powerful on the mat.

3 Explosive Jiu Jitsu Exercises


jiu jitsu exerciseMed Ball Overhead Toss

This is a drill that I use with ALL of my combat athletes, because it develops explosive power throughout the entire body.

  • Use 6-20lb medicine ball,
  • keep the reps low,
  • legs and hips drive the force,
  • get full extension overhead, but don't hyper-extend through the low back.


jiu jitsu exerciseSprinter Step Up Jump

This is a great drill to develop power through the lower body and is a unilateral exercise, so it challenges one leg at a time.

  • Use a 12-18" box, not much higher.
  • Weight on top leg
  • Opposite arm in front
  • develop pattern first
  • start with small jumps before jumping for height.
  • Control the landing and stay under control
  • Add intensity by adding a weight vest or other load.


Staggered Stance Broad JumpStaggered Stance Broad Jump

This is great for any competitive grappler that starts on their feet, looking for takedowns and develops horizontal power needed for these types of movements.

  • Start in a staggered stance or normal wrestling stance.
  • Sink down into position and avoid counter movements
  • Drive off both feet and dive forward.
  • Bring both feet under and land soft.
  • Alternate legs each time.

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