Episode #5 : Building a Better Athlete : An Interview with DVRT Creator, Josh Henkin

Does lifting big weights make you a better athlete?

Not necessarily.

Check out this interview with Josh Henkin.

We discuss a variety of topics related to building better, more efficient, athletic fighters and grapplers.


Download the podcast here: Building a Better Athlete

In this podcast, Josh and I discuss how he develops his athletes and prepares them for competition.

  • Laying the foundation for athletics
  • Acting and reacting in the weight room
  • Adding complexity to the movement versus just adding load
  • How to use exercise variables, like body position, load position and plane of motion in your workouts
  • Common mistakes made in the weight room
  • How to become more efficient with your own body
  • and much more.

Josh Henkin is a world renowned strength coach and teaches his DVRT system to athletes and coaches around the globe.

To learn more about his system, click here.