Episode #6: Eric Wong Hip Mobility Solutions: Flexibility for Fighters and Grapplers

In this interview Eric talks about how hip mobility affects every aspect of the fight game:

  • Ability to get in and out of situations
  • Flexibility to throw high kicks
  • Risk for knee and back pain
  • Strength and power
  • and more



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2 Powerful Exercises for Unlocking Your Tight Hips


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Check out Eric’s explanation of how mobility affects your performance in the cage.

The Roundhouse Kick

Featuring Anthony Pettis vs. Joe Lauzon at UFC 144

The BIOMECH Breakdown is a special article series where I biomechanically analyze and deconstruct martial arts techniques step-by-step to give you a deeper understanding of exactly how the technique is best performed so you can execute it with power and precision.

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Eric Wong is a strength coach in Toronto, Canada and has worked with a variety of combat athletes.  His coaching programs have literally helped thousands of people around the globe.