Episode #32: Interview with Max Shank – Successful Gym Owner, RKC Master Instructor, Athlete, and Author

Max Shank opened his gym 6 years ago, is a sought after speaker and instructor, has written two books and continues to learn and evolve his methods every year.

Needless to say, he is an expert in the field and will open your eyes to different styles of training that you are probably neglecting in your workouts.


In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Assessing an athlete
  • Understanding the basics of movement
  • Exploring outside the basic lifts
  • Varying workouts and activities for success
  • Prioritizing different types of workouts
  • The 80% Rule
  • The pillars of recovery
  • and more.

Check out Max’s NEW Book:  Ultimate Athleticism

It’s about changing the paradigm and using a new philosophy of strength and athleticism to guide us over the long term. The Ultimate Goal is to do LESS, but be able to do MORE. This is exactly what helped me put this program together. The desire to be good at everything.

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