Episode #66 w/ Boxing Strength Coach, Jerry Arias

This week, we talk with coach Jerry Arias, who works with a variety of top boxers in Los Angeles.  Jerry discusses how he got his start, connects with local coaches and develops athletic, powerful fighters.


In this Episode We Discuss:

  • Assessing a new athlete
  • Strength training for boxers
  • Developing powerful boxers (amateur and pro)
  • Quality vs quantity
  • monitoring an athlete’s recovery
  • Coordinating with skill coaches
  • Developing “buy in” with your athletes
  • and more!

Coach Jerry started his coaching career at the age of 18 as a personal trainer, and began working with athletes at a young age. Although he didn’t possess the education he does today, his passion drove him into going into the Kinesiology program at California State University, Fullerton. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree from CSUF with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. Graduate school was his “ah ha” moment as he started to have more questions than he did answers. His “scientific mindset” started to appear. He attributes his professors and their passion for teaching as to what gave him a different perspective to training. He studied under the guidance of Dr. Jared Coburn, Dr. Lee Brown, and Dr. Andy Galpin, they played significant roles as mentors to him. He started to value research and its application to real-world training.

Following graduate school, he knew it was time to take his passion and knowledge and turn it into a business. In 2014 he opened up Titan Edge Athletics and started the journey of training clients on his training philosophies. He slowly began to train athletes and his clients started to get significant results and this led to referrals. Now he continues to train all levels and has a coaching team that also possesses the same attributes and values as he does. He has developed a niche with the boxing community and feels it is a great opportunity try and change some of the “old-school” mentalities to training and physical preparation.