Sabina Skala Discusses Training Long Term vs Short Term Competition Prep

Many athletes only train for a few weeks leading up to a fight, but being consistent for long periods of time is essential for the best results. Today, strength coach Sabina Skala, discusses how she trains her athletes all year ’round.  She goes into detail about how she adjusts training, coordinates with their training schedules and helps them peak for competition.


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Sabina’s stable of clients includes pro MMA as well as top BJJ athletes, triathletes, polo players, climbers, dancers and military personnel. She has also successfully trained top male models. She works closely as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with Balance – Sports Injury Physiotherapy clinic in London.

As a former competitive athlete Sabina believes that each is truly responsible for the performance potential and that we all are capable of limitless possibilities when we put our mind and hard work to it. Contact info: [email protected] or via contact form at


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