Workouts for Martial Arts

by Corey Beasley

Today we are talking about workouts for martial arts. Quality workouts for martial arts can build athletic qualities, like stability, endurance, strength, speed and power.  In the video below, we discuss a simple template that I use to develop workouts for my fighters and grapplers.

Workouts for Martial Arts


Using these categories can help you understand where to use certain types of exercises.  With all of the information that we see online, it can be confusing to know what to use, when, etc.  By categorizing the various aspects of each workout, we can easily distinguish where an exercise would be used, if its appropriate for the athlete.

  • Warm Up: Foam rolling, mobility and movement.
  • Explode: Sprint, jump and throw.
  • Get Strong: Squat, hinge, push, pull.
  • Conditioning: Aerobic or anaerobic.
  • Recover: Breath, eat, sleep.

Corey Beasley has been helping people get in shape and compete at their best for over 20 years. He has worked in small training studios, large corporate gyms, traveled to people’s homes, opened a couple gyms, taught certification courses/workshops and is the founder of Fight Camp Conditioning.  Corey has experience working with wrestlers, jiu jitsu players, mma fighters and other combat athletes…from kids to aging adults.


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