Fighter Workout in the Park

By Corey Beasley

Sometimes its good to get out of the gym, mix things up and spend a little time in the sun.  Below is a sneak peek into one of our Fighter workout in the park. The focus of this Fighter workout was to increase work capacity and get everyone prepared for more intense work coming in the next few weeks.  The intensity is relatively low and the drills helped solidify some weak links.

Just like most of our Fighter workout, we started with a little SMR, mobility, activation and a some locomotion drills to get everyone warmed up and ready to work.

workout in the park squareWorkout Details

Warm Up

  1. SMR: calves, quads, hips flexors, groin, lats and chest
  2. Mobility drills: elbow to instep + reach, knee to chest, dynamic quad, step and rotate.
  3. Activation: Mini band hip series, plank w shoulder touch
  4. Locomotion: crawling (fwd, bck, side), jog, side shuffle, carioca, butt kicker, high knees, skips.

GPP Series:

1a. Sandbag Up-Downs - 8 reps per leg
1b. Power Wheel Crawls - 50ft (fwd and bck)
1c. Pull Ups - 8 reps

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 4-6 rounds.

Workouts like this are a great way to keep the guys moving, strengthen some weak links and to lay the foundation, so they are better prepared for more intense work, later in the camp.

Plus, its nice to get outside.


What type of workouts would you like to see next?

A. Mobility, Stretching, Recovery workouts
B. Cardiovascular, Metabolic workouts
C. Strength workouts
D. Power and Speed
E. Other

Leave us a comment and we’ll make it happen!