Versapulley Series to Improve Reactive Strength and Develop Athletic Power

By Corey Beasley

Workout Details:

1a. Split Stance WoodChop
1b. Push Up Iso Row
1c. Pivot and Drive Thru

5 reps per exercise
60sec rest between exercises
2-3 minutes rest between rounds.
5 rounds total.

What Is VersaPulley?

The VersaPulley trains “Reactive Strength” which is the link to becoming strong and fast.

Reactive Strength is defined as the ability to absorb force in one direction, then rapidly change and apply force in the opposite direction (quickly switch from eccentric to concentric).

VersaPulley accomplishes this using MV2 technology which is a patented rotating inertial flywheel for the resistance. The flywheel incorporates the strength and speed balance of reactive strength. The goal is to move the flywheel as fast as possible creating inertia, stop it and start again.

Essentially, all the concentric energy to initiate flywheel movement is stored and then released as resistance throughout the eccentric motion. This provides a true stretch-shortening cycle for closed-chain, multi-plane, multi-joint exercises. Exercise ranges from low force and high velocity to high force and low velocity.

Reactive strength serves as the link between traditional strength training and high speed skills like sprinting and throwing.

Many athletes lose force in their movement due to the lack of Reactive Strength.

A unique aspect of the VersaPulley is the lack of impact, as feet remain planted on the ground throughout the movements, placing less stress on joints and still providing a max inertial stretch shortening stimulus to the muscle and nervous system.

You can use the VersaPulley in all three planes; sagittal, frontal and transverse.

We can squat, lunge, deadlift, high row, pull, push, twist and move in just a bout any direction.

The VersaPulley is a great addition to any strength and conditioning facility looking to give their athletes a significant advantage over the competition.

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