Building Real World Strength Using Unconventional Training Methods

by Corey Beasley

Traditional gyms are set up for bodybuilders, not fighters.

While traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises can be very useful, we have compiled a list of some unconventional training videos that will give you some new things to add to your arsenal.

These tools, exercises and workouts will challenge your body in new ways, making you stronger and more durable on the mat and in the cage.

Give these a try and you can look forward to a stronger grip, tighter core and functional strength that you will notice during training.



7 Unconventional Training Methods for Fighters and Grapplers.

1.  Landmine Exercises

2.  Bulgarian Bag Exercises

3. Chain Exercises

4. Mace Training

5. Rope Pull Series

6. Clubbell Exercises

7. Sandbag Exercises

This style of training is perfect for fighters and grapplers.  By using multiple tools and techniques, we are able to challenge the body in multiple planes of motion and build 360 degrees of strength throughout our body.  Mobile, stable, strong and conditioned for just about anything...that's what we need to perform at our best on and off the mat.