Working Out with Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall as He Prepares for UFC Fight Night in Brazil

 by Corey Beasley

I have been working with Ian for almost a little over 5 years.  We have gone through a lot of challenges, learned a lot of things and continue to streamline our program as he charges toward another title shot.

The following videos give you a sneak peek into some of Ian's workouts.

We work together 3X's per week, for about an hour.

The hour typically flows like this:

  1. SMR, foam roll, mobility work
  2. Dynamic Warm Up
  3. Speed, Agility, Plyometrics
  4. Strength Work
  5. Conditioning (Optional, depending on fight schedule)

The following videos will walk you through a typical workout with Ian McCall

SMR, Trigger Point, Foam Roll, Etc - 5-10 Minutes

Ian always shows up early and spends about 10-15 minutes on the rollers. This helps loosen up tight muscles and prep him for the work he's about to do.

Dynamic Warm Up - 5-10min

Ian's warm up typically involves a series of mobility drills for the ankle, hips and upper back/shoulders. Once we complete the mobility series, we transition into crawls and finish with a series of locomotion drills (running, shuffles, skips, etc)  The main goal of the warm up is to avoid injury.  Get the joints moving, increase core temperature and prepare the mind for the workout ahead.

Speed - Agility - Plyometrics - 5-15 min

We will typically pick 1-3 exercises for this section. The goal is speed and power, so we keep the reps low, intensity high and allow plenty of rest, so we can repeat that explosive effort.

Strength Work - 20-30min

Once we have warmed up a got the nervous system firing, we move on to the strength. Squat, hinge, push, pull, etc. We use barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight and many other pieces of equipment to get strong. Here are some of the exercises we've used during this camp.

Conditioning Drills

Conditioning was labeled as optional above, because our focus changes outside of camp, during camp, and as we get closer to fight time. Conditioning can be done during strength and conditioning sessions, on off days or with his skill coaches at Team Oyama. Some are short, explosive repeats, others may be 30sec-1min and others may be longer, less intense intervals for recovery and to develop an aerobic base. All depends on the goal and what we are trying to accomplish.

Here are a few of the drills that we have used with Ian during this camp:

We are proud of the changes that Ian has made and it has been a blast watching him develop into the UFC Fighter he is today. Be sure to watch him compete in Brazil against John Lineker Nov 8th for UFC.

Corey Beasley is co-owner of Innovative Results gym in Orange County, CA. Their unique training style has attracted some of the best grapplers and UFC Fighter in Southern California, so next time you are in that area, be sure to look em up!

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