Turkish Get Up: The MMA/BJJ Connection


by Joey Alvarado

Getting up off the ground is an essential part of mixed martial arts, jiujitsu and other combat sports. Whether its from closed guard, side control or out of a scramble, being able to efficiently get up can mean the difference between winning and losing a match. In this video, Joey Alvarado explains the benefits of the Turkish Get Up exercise. Used correctly, this can be one of the most beneficial exercises in your arsenal.

How to perform a Turkish Get Up:

Benefits of the Turkish Get Up

  • Promotes contra-lateral movement (opposite arm and leg working together)
  • Exposes stiffness and weakness throughout the body
  • Helps stabilize and strengthen the lower body, upper body and core.
  • Enhances body awareness, mobility and control
  • Challenges the body in multiple planes of motion.

The key is to master it with your body weight first. and break down each movement and get your reps in, before adding external load.

Joey Alvarado is a 30 year veteran of martial arts training. He spent 7 years as a professional mma fighter and holds a brown belt in Bjj under Roger Machado as well as black belts in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master S.R. Moreland. Learn more about Joey and his programs at Kettle Jitsu Revolution.

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