Simple Trunk Rotation Exercise Using the Mop Bar

By Jorge Bonnet

Sometimes the most effective methods are simple. Inspired by 'Miss Jetty', Jorge built a bar to mimic the motions used when you mop the floor.  The mopping motion challenges the trunk and hips to stabilize as you sweep the weight across the floor. Simple, but brutal.  Strength developed from this movement is valuable for any athlete, but especially fighters and grapplers.  In today's video, Jorge walks us through the 'Tango'.

Trunk Rotation Exercise Using the Mop Bar

Trunk Rotation Exercise Using the Mop Bar

When you perform this correctly, you'll feel muscles in the trunk and hips firing like crazy. It is also easy to load this movement, so we can train stability, endurance, and strength very easily.  The mop bar allows you to strengthen those rotational muscles needed for fighting and grappling.

strengthen rotational musclesJorge is the founder of PurMotion. His experience as a 5-time Olympic athlete fueled his passion to change the way the world thinks about fitness and has led to the creation of a new training modality complete with new movements, products and programming. In today’s podcast, we discuss Jorge’s athletic past and how he transitioned into fitness, manufacturing and education.



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