The Steel Mace: History, Workouts, Exercises and Training Tips

By Rik Brown
The Maceman

The Mace is at least 1,000 years old and has been used as a war weapon by numerous cultures. In India, the Mace is called the Gada, and has been used as a training tool by the Wrestling Training Gyms (Akhara).

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Rik Brown (aka Mr. Maceman) and learn a little about training with the mace.  In the videos below, Rik provides some great background, training tips and showcases two of the key exercises to use when training with the mace.

An Introduction to Steel Mace Training

360 Steel Mace Exercise

10-2 Steel Mace Exercise

Steel Mace Safety Tips

Many maces are one weight, but we asked Rik, "If you could buy only one mace, what would it be?"

He recommended the Adjustable Steel Mace from Adex.  It allows you to quickly adjust the weight and is very well built.

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