Teaching the Power Clean for Athletes

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by Loren Landow

Step 1: Deadpull

The deadpull is a great exercise to teach proper pulling position both in the deadlift and the clean from the floor. Keep the abs braced, arms locked, and spine welded tight. Drive the heels into the ground and stand up, with the shoulders and hips rising simultaneously and pausing just below knee level to reinforce proper position.


Step 2: Hackey Pull

The hackey pull is the perfect exercise to groove and teach optimal hip extension, the most important quality of the clean for athletic improvement.


Step 3: Hackey Pull into High Pull

Begin with a Romanian Deadlift position (RDL and the bar just below knee-level. Begin the pull with the hips and shoulders rising.


Step 4: Muscle Clean from Hips

The muscle clean is helpful at lighter weights to learn and reinforce the proper upper body mechanics of the turnover (third pull) of the clean—in particular, it’s useful for learning how to deliver the bar precisely and smoothly into the rack position for lifters who have a tendency to allow the bar to crash on them. At more challenging weights, the muscle clean will help strengthen the turnover of the clean.


Step 5: Full Hang Clean Progression

The hang clean is the perfect exercise to groove explosive hip extension in the weight room for improvements in explosive power. The hang clean eliminates most mobility issues that prevent athletes from losing position when pulling from the floor.

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Power Clean for Athletes