The Ultimate CORE Exercise – 3 Systema Ground Rolling Techniques

By Corey Beasley


 I consider Ground Rolls an absolute vital piece in the core mastery puzzle. It is not only a highly functional core move, but it also works the entire midsection very hard, combines Flexion, Rotation and Extension into one smooth move, integrates proper breathing and even works your inner organs via constant compression and extension cycle. The bottom line is that if you cannot do those, even in their most basic variation outlined in the video series below, you have very poor core control. On the other hand, if you work up to 2, 5, 10 or even 15-20 minutes of continuous technical rolling, it will transform the way you look, feel, and perform.

Systema Ground Rolling

Back Half Roll

  • How to perform Ground Shoulder Rolls safely and effectively
  • How to avoid harsh ground contact with the spine
  • How to breathe correctly during Ground Shoulder Rolls
  • Basic Half Back Roll Progression
  • How to stabilize yourself during the roll at the beginning stages of skill development

Full Back Roll

  • How to perform Full Back Ground Rolls properly
  • More details on proper breathing during the execution
  • How to gain true strength and get away from relying on momentum
  • What part of your feet and legs to use to enter the ground, depending on the surface and footwear type that you are working with.

Forward Roll

  • Correct way to articulate your shoulder during forward rolls
  • Common mistake when rotating the shoulder
  • How to build core strength and control when performing Ground Shoulder Rolls
  • Correct use of momentum
  • How to work up to performing legitimate Forward Ground Rolls, if the core strength is yet inadequate
  • Review of the safety guidelines
  • Benefits summary of performing Ground Rolls and general guidelines and standards on how to train them and what you should expect to work up to

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