FCC Sunday Morning: 5 Articles and 2 Videos to Help You Get More Out of Your Workouts this Week

by Corey Beasley

Avoid These Pitfalls:  7 Tips to Speed Your Progress

The best martial follow in the footsteps of others.  Learning from their mistakes, improving wherever they can and helping the sport evolve.  In this article, we lay out 7 common mistakes that we have seen guys make over the years.  They are simple, but can quickly put you into a tail spin, if they are not corrected.

martial artists workoutsConditioning.  Just Make It a Damn Habit Already

Some people avoid the hard work and their performance suffers.  Conditioning, while its not always people's favorite part of training, it is essential.  We've all seen guys gas out, so there's no need to discuss it.  Just do it.

11 resources to help you build better workouts and give your team an advantage over the competition this year!

Most fighters realize that they need to workout, but many are unsure where to get their workouts, exercises or how to plan accordingly.  In this article, we lay out 11 websites, DVDs, books, live workshops and other resources that will help you learn about exercise, what to do, when to do it and how to get your team ahead of the curve.

Deep Breathing Techniques

Mobility Drills

Ground Mobility Drills for Fighters

Our ankles, hips and upper back/shoulders are designed to move freely, with large range of motion.  This mobility allows us to move in all directions without a problem.  Starring at our phones and sitting on our ass all day has made most of us stiff and vulnerable to injury.  These mobility drills can help you avoid stupid injuries and perform at your best.

5 Exercises to Help You Avoid Injury

My Mad Methods magazine does a great job showcasing unconventional workouts.  This article shows us 5 simple exercises that are a perfect compliment to the mobility drills above.  The more information we have, the better our workouts can become.

Enjoy your day off!


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