Stretching Martial Arts: 3 Hip Mobility Drills for Fighters & Grapplers

 by Corey Beasley

"Its all in the hips"

Throws, punches, kicks, submissions, takedowns, controlling your opponent and other positions all depend on the mobility, strength and power of the hip complex.

Unfortunately, most of us have hips that are stiff and weak.

Too much time sitting, an unbalanced strength program and hundreds of hours on the mat create tight hip flexors, groin and glutes.

In order to be a better athlete, we must address this.

Here are three simple hip mobility drills that you can add to your workouts.

1. Hip Flexors/Quad Stretch

2. Adductor/Groin Stretch

3. Glute Stretch

Many fighters neglect mobility work, warming up and stretching during their workouts, but taking the time for it yields huge benefits.

By addressing some of these areas, you will become a better, healthier, more resilient athlete.


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