Single Leg Exercises to Build Stability Strength and Power

 By Corey Beasley

Common exercises like squats and deadlifts are great!

These are the foundation of most good strength programs around the globe.  That being said,  most of us have a dominant leg which can create strength discrepancies between sides.  In order to correct these strength imbalances, we should include some single leg work in our workouts.

Using single leg exercises can reduce the incidence of injury, improve athletic performance and help you develop more stability, strength and power in your legs and hips. Below are 20+ Single leg exercises that you should try in your next progression.

Physioball Hip Extension + Leg Curl

Single Leg Squat Progression

5 Single Leg Exercises

Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single Leg Deadlift

Zercher Reverse Lunges

Single Leg Drive

Single Leg Jump Squat

Standing Triple Jump