Simple MMA Fight Prep Workout

By Corey Beasley

Simple MMA Fighter Prep Workout

The last couple weeks before a fight can be physically and mentally stressful.  Athletes are cutting weight, ready to compete and probably a little run down from a long training camp.  We tend to keep the intensity high, reduce the volume and help the athlete recover and repair before their event.

In this week's video, we join Alex Perez, as he prepares for his upcoming mma fight.  The following workout was performed 2 weeks out from his fight, during the taper block of his training. This series includes quick lateral movement, ground based sit thrus and the towel taz drill on the feet.  Simple drills done at high speed.

Workout details:

We performed each drill for 5sec, rested for 10sec and repeated each drill for 4 min. This equates to 4 bursts of effort per minute. The goal is to maintain explosive movement thru each interval. Once you've completed the 4 minutes, we rest for 2-3 minutes and move on to the next drill.

Drill #1 - Quick Lateral Shuffle - 5 sec ON, 10 sec OFF, repeat for 4 min.

Lateral movement and quick changes of direction is essential for any combat athlete. We focus on moving back and forth as quickly as possible, without bouncing or stutter stepping when changing directions.

Rest for 1-3 minutes

Drill #2 - Sit Thrus - 5 sec ON, 10 sec OFF, repeat for 4 min.

This s a ground based drill that really challenges the torso. We alternate kicking out to each side and perform as many as possible during each 5 sec burst.

Rest for 1-3 minutes

Drill #3 - Towel Taz - 5 sec ON, 10 sec OFF, repeat for 4 min.

Using a moving blanket, shake the blanket as hard and fast as possible, while shuffling your feet. The goal is to keep the blanket and feet moving fast. Quick changes of direction and the towel stays off the ground throughout every interval.

Each of these drills is simple, so when the fighter becomes fatigued, there is little chance for them to get hurt.  These drills can also be done quickly, which was a major focus over the last couple weeks.  Lastly, these drills are working on specific things that Alex and his coach wanted to improve upon during this camp.  You can adjust the movements, interval times, rest and drills to fit your specific needs.

What are some of your favorite interval training drills?

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