Samurai Rotational Strength Exercise

By Jorge Bonnet

When it comes to strengthening the body, using ground based exercises is essential.  Learning to change levels, move in various directions and to transfer force efficiently into your arms can only help you become a better athlete. In today's video coach Bonnet showcases the Samurai rotational strength exercise, using the core 44 bar from PurMotion.


Samurai Coaching Cues:

  • Use with cable or bands
  • Start with a Split Stance
  • Monkey grip
  • Simultaneously push and pull the bar to initiate the rotation
  • Pivot on back foot
  • Shift the weight slightly to the back leg at the finish of the movement
  • Hips and shoulder move together
  • Bar ends vertically, with 90 degrees to cable.

Jorge’sOlympic athleteJorge is the founder of PurMotion. His experience as a 5-time Olympic athlete fueled his passion to change the way the world thinks about fitness and has led to the creation of a new training modality complete with new movements, products and programming.  In today's podcast, we discuss Jorge's athletic past and how he transitioned into fitness, manufacturing and education.

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