8 Exercises to Build Rotational Core Strength For MMA Fighters

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By Corey Beasley

Rotational and anti-rotational exercises are a staple for just about any athlete's workout. Punching kicking, throwing, controlling...all of this requires a good stabilization and transfer of energy from our legs through our arms. Done correctly, these exercises can help you become much stronger on the ground, against the cage and on your feet. Check out this video from Adrian Ramirez

CORE Strength for MMA:  8 Exercises to Build Rotational Strength and Power

Balance Board Planks w/ Rotation

TRX Rip Trainer Paddle Row

TRX Rip Trainer High Pulls

Kneeling Cable Rotation (Low to High)

Suspension Pulley Ground and Pound

Suspension Pulley Rotational Press

TRX High Rotation

Russian Twist with a Heavy Rope

Adrian Ramirez (ARAM) Team Takedown Strength & Conditioning coach. BJJ Black Belt under Marc Laimon Cobra Kai. UFC/Bjj Coach. Personal Trainer. #DreamChaser #MMANerd

Core Strength For MMA Fighters

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