20 Minute Recovery Flow for Mixed Martial Artists, Jiu Jitsu Players and Other Combat Athletes

by Jim Romig

Today is Sunday...perfect for relaxing, recovering and repairing our mind and body.

The following routine can be used for recovery, developing specific movement skills, or just light conditioning for Combat Athletes.

These 5 drills should be done for 20 minutes straight, each drill being performed for 1 minute a piece for 4 rounds, with no rest in between and drills ordered for flowing transitions.

As always, focus on form and exhales.

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Jim Romig is the resident combative conditioning expert at Wolf Fitness Systems. As a Mixed Martial Artists, Combat Athletes and grappling coach, Jim has a great understanding of the practical applications of the moves he teaches. As a result, he has developed the Med Ball Athletic Conditioning (MBAC) system, great for training fighters or anyone that would like to train like one!