Preparing for World Team Trials with National Champion and International Wrestler, Mallory Velte

By Carmen Bott

Tapering properly is key component of Elite Wrestling Performance. And many athletes are confused about the process or worry that they will become ‘less fit’ by decreasing time in the gym or on the mats. However, without a taper, athletes are at risk for entering competition in a state of fatigue. It’s a fine line . . .

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Let’s first get on the same page and define “taper.” Essentially, it is a reduction in a training stimulus. And it is very straightforward for some athletes. Runners often only run and that is easy to measure. Cyclists often only cycle – easy to measure that too. It is much more straightforward and easy to accomplish a taper for those athlete – Run less. Cycle less. Wrestling, however is a different beast. There are so many qualities to train from speed, to strength, to strength-endurance, to cardio, not to mention the weight cut. It is a puzzle not easily solved by the sport science team. However, when done properly, athletes will enter their competition feeling fresh, fast and ready.

A taper should begin 10-14 days out of a major competition.

Appropriately constructed tapering can produce such incredibly positive results and there are many ways to taper for a big event. The method I show here here is purely an example of what an elite (potential USA world team member and WCWA 3 time National Champion) did before the World Team Trials May 18 and 19, 2018. This event was preceded by some other international competitions listed here:

  1. March 17 & 18 – World Cup Japan
    *followed by a week long international training camp in Japan and then a one week off
    the mats.
  2. April 27 & 28 - US Open in Las Vegas
    *right back to training after this event
  3. May 18 & 19 – World Team Trials

The precise details of this athlete’s taper are listed below as this athlete was kind enough to share her notes with the wrestling world.

Monday May 7:
AM: hill repeats: 2 lap warm up, 23 times up the stairs @8-10 second burst, 60 seconds off, 1 lap cool down
PM: Practice- extensive drilling- warm up 45 mins, 16 minutes of live wrestling

Tuesday May 8:
AM: technical practice, 45 minutes of drilling
PM: med ball/ sprint starts + lift + 6 x 20 second bike sprints : 2 minutes recovery (HR down to 120 BPM)

Wednesday May 9:
AM: mobility + outdoor walk
PM: Practice – extensive drilling + 2 live matches

Thursday May 10:
AM: 20 minutes of soccer for fun, 30 minutes of drilling
PM: Lift + 6 x 20 second bike sprints : 2 minutes recovery as per Tuesday.

Friday May 11:
AM: Practice
PM: Long walk/hike – very easy pace

Saturday May 12:
Coquitlam Crunch stair session – 5 x 475 stairs (walk first one, run 3, walk last one) Time to the top is approx. 3 minutes. Equal recovery.

Sunday May 13:
30 minutes light bike + Sauna - recovery

Monday May 14:
AM : 20 minute easy jog
PM: Practice + 10-12 minutes of live

Tuesday May 15:
AM: technique/drill for 45 minutes - intense w/ long breaks
PM: Taper (Rx: 2 x 6 reps of MB throws, 3 x 3 Box Jumps, 2 x 2 Power Cleans at 80% 1RM with complex of reactive jump for 2 reps)

Wednesday May 16:
AM: mobility + sauna
PM: practice + 1 match

Thursday May 17:
travel, stretch, light cardio, sauna - weight cut

Friday May 18:
Weigh in + Day 1 competition

Saturday May 19:
Weigh in + Day 2 competition


Here are the details of Mallory’s Off-Mat program as provided by her S&C Coach, Carmen Bott


May 1 & May 8: (May 8th reduced volume 50% to 2 sets)

Med Ball Drills
One arm push pass 3 x 6/side
Chest Passes 3 x 8
Reverse OH Toss 3 x 8

Coach Bott leads the sprints at this point 10 x 10 yards, full recovery


A. `Power cleans – 4 x 2 reps at 80, 82, 84, 86% (2 sets on May 8 at 84 and 86%)
(rest 60 sec)
Superset with Box Jumps x 3
(rest 2 min)

B. Landmine Power Press – 4 x 4 reps/side (mod-heavy) (2 sets May 8)
(rest 60 sec)
Superset with Explosive Rows – 4 x 4,6,8,4 (40 lbs) (keep this volume)

C. Reverse Cable Flys – 4 x 10
Glute Ham Raise – 4 x 10 (with light weight)
Front Neck Bridge – 4 x 45 sec (followed by shoulder and neck rotations for mobility)

CONDITIONING – Glycolytic Power
Bike Sprints – 6 x 20 sec on: 2 min off (HR down to 120 BPM)

May 3 and May 10 (May 10 reduced volume by 50%, so only 2 sets)

Med Ball Drills

One arm push pass 3 x 6/side
Chest Passes 3 x 8
Reverse OH Toss 3 x 8

A. Hang Cleans – 4 x 2 reps at 80, 82, 84, 86
(rest 60 seconds)
Superset with Depth Drop to Broad Jump x 3
(rest 2 min)

B. Bent Over Barbell Row – 4 x 6 reps at 80% (about 145 lbs)
(rest 60 seconds)
Superset with Explosive Incline Push-ups – 4 x 3-6 reps
(rest 90 seconds)

C. Heavy Farmers Walks/Carries 4 x 10 steps/side
Lateral Band Walks 4 x 10 steps/side
Deep Neck Flexor Holds 4 x 45 seconds


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