Building a Stronger Neck: 3 Neck Exercises for Fighters

Neck Exercises for FightersBy Corey Beasley

The neck is often neglected.

As a fighter, having a strong neck is can help you become stronger, as well as prevent injury.  As many of you know, wrestling, rolling, scrambling and fighting puts a lot of stress on our head, neck and shoulders.  Increasing the strength of this area can yield HUGE benefits on the mat and in the cage.

In the following video, Max Shank walks us through a few exercises to strengthen our neck.

While similar to the wrestler's neck bridge, using a physio ball adds more range of motion and movement in multiple planes.

This added level of complexity can help 'bullet proof' our neck from multiple angles, hence making us strong and protected from a variety of positions we encounter on the mat or in the cage.