MMA & Muay Thai Workout: Leg Complex for Fighters

4 Exercise Complex to Develop Power Endurance

by Nick Tumminello


Exercises Involved:

  1. Fast Split Squat w/ a Slight Forward Lean.
  2. Back Step/Reverse Lunge
  3. Back Step Into Muay Thai Knee
  4. Stance Switches

Sets and Reps:

  • 1st Set: 8 reps of each movement, per leg.
  • 2nd Set: 10 reps per leg, per movement
  • 3rd Set: 12 reps per leg, per movement

*Rest approx 3 minutes between sets.

How many times through the circuit should we do?

1-3 times through. Depending on ones fitness level.

How long is the rest between rounds?

Rest approximately 3 minutes between rounds.

How would you recommend programming this in a workout?

I first program it in twice per week, usually a the conditioning component of a workout - towards the end - and use progressive overload where we gradually add reps or increase the med ball load each week. I'll usually start with 8 reps of each move per side and add a rep a week until we get to do 12 reps.   I'll then incorporate it into a full conditioning circuit in the weeks leading up to a fight.

Nick Tumminello is highly sought after coach and educator who is rapidly establishing himself as a leader and innovator in the field of human performance training. As a coach, Nick works in the trenches testing, developing and refining his techniques with clients and athletes of all ages and levels. He currently trains professional athletes from the NFL, MILS and UFC, as well as top ranked rock climbers, equestrians and physique competitors.

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