Metabolic CORE Series for MMA: Learning to Brace in a Variety of Positions

By Corey Beasley

Learning to brace through our midsection can help us become stronger and express power in a variety of situations.  Sometimes we are standing, in transition, on the ground and more.  Below, we've provided a look into one of Marvin Vettori's workouts, as he prepped for a previous UFC fight.

Metabolic CORE Series for MMA

This workout was designed to improve work capacity and help Marvin learn how to brace in a variety of positions. We used different movement patterns, load positions, body positions and other factors to challenge his body.  This was early in his camp and helped us prepare for more intense work that was coming over the next few weeks.

Here's the Workout Breakdown:

Warm Up:

SMR, mobility work, locomotion drills

1. Ankorr Partner Isometric - 30sec x 2 rounds

2. Power Wheel Roll Out - 10 reps x 2 rounds

Sandbag Series:

3a. Sandbag MAX Lunge - 8 reps
3b. Cross Body SB Pulls - 8 reps
3c. Zercher Squats - 8 reps
3d. SB Arch Press, Staggered Stance - 8 reps
*Rest for 3 minutes and repeat for 4 rounds

4. Asym Racked Carries - 50 yards x 4 (2 each shoulder)


What type of workouts would you like to see next?

A. Mobility, Stretching, Recovery workouts
B. Cardiovascular, Metabolic workouts
C. Strength workouts
D. Workouts to Improve Power and Speed
E. Other

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