Top 5 Landmine Attachments I’ve Been Using in the Gym

By Corey Beasley

Landmines have gained popularity over the last few years...and for good reason. Landmines allow us to explore new vectors of movement, while providing a little more stability for common movements. This combination makes it a valuable tool for newbies and advanced athletes alike. In today's video, Coach Corey Beasley shares a handful of his favorite landmine attachments that he is using in his garage gym.


Top 5 Landmine Attachments

Landmine Attachments Mentioned in this Video

  1. War Hammer - A clean handle for presses and pulls
  2. Wishbone - A Versatile attachments for squats, lunges, hinges and more.
  3. Support Pedestal - Great for heavy lifts using the landmine.
  4. Clean and Jerk - Neutral grip handles allow natural movement during cleans, jerks and other Olympic Variations.
  5. Omega - A truly unique tool for rotational strength.



Corey Beasley is the founder of He has been coaching for 16 years and works with some of the best fighters from the UFC, Bellator, ADCC and more.  His ability to combine unconventional training methods with time tested principles has allowed him to create fun, effective training programs for his athletes.