Kettlebell Complex to Build Endurance

By Corey Beasley

A complex style workout is any series of movements performed back-to-back with a KB, sandbag, barbell or other tool, in which the set number of reps is completed for each movement before moving on to the next.  Complexes are great for building endurance , adding strength-based cardio to your workouts.

KB Complex for Endurance

Workout Summary:

The goal of this type of workout is to increase muscular and cardiovascular Endurance training.  The intensity is relatively low, volume is a bit higher, so we can learn proper mechanics while building a good base.  This type of workout is commonly used before blocks of hypertrophy or strength work... or as a recovery type workout during more intense Endurance Training blocks.   We can adjust the reps, rounds, rest and other factors as needed.

Warm Up:

  1. Mobility - Choose a few mobility drills that address your stiff or overactive joints. Ankle, hip, upper back/shoulders, etc.
  2. Activation - Choose a few activation drills for the feet, hips, core, upper back/shoulders to 'fire up' the muscles that you will need to move well.
  3. Explosive - Choose a couple explosive drills (sprint, jump, agility, throwing) to get your body ready for more intense work.

KB Complex for Endurance:

1a.  KB Goblet Squat
1b. KB Swing
1c. Half Kneeling Alt. KB Press
1d. Staggered Stance KB Row
1e. KB Farmer Carry

*In this example, we are performing 5 reps of each exercise (30sec for carries), then moving on to the next movement.  At the end of the complex, we rest for 2 minutes, then repeat the complex 3 times.

** On week two and three, we increase the reps and rounds to slowly progress over time.  (Download Full Workout Sheet for Details)

Cool Down:

Diaphragmatic Breathing - Lie on your back, with your feet up.  Inhale slowly through the nose, exhale slowly through your mouth for 15-20 reps.  Place your fingers on your belly button and breath into your stomach, instead of your shoulders.  Your stomach should rise on the inhale and fall during the exhale.

Click here to Download the Full Workout Sheet