Jiu JItsu Warm Up Drills

By Corey Beasley

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an extremely dynamic combat sport.

The following jiu jitsu warm up drills can help you avoid injury and improve your performance.

During BJJ training or competition the athlete’s use a large number of muscle groups, energy systems, and put their bodies through a variety of contortions. Therefore the sport requires a targeted and specific warm up. Many BJJ schools and competitors have a very “old school” approach to warming up which typically consists of a few jumping jacks and poorly executed calisthenics, some quick static stretching, and a couple neck circles and then they are ready to roll. Science has shown that to be an extremely ineffective approach.

The following videos showcase a few jiu jitsu warm up drills and games used by some of the sport's best.

Marcelo Garcia's Fun BJJ Warm-Up Games

Leg Drag, Hop Over, Leg Pass, Gorilla Hops


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