Isometric Drill for Fighters and Grapplers

by Hunter Seide

On our visit up to Ready Performance in LA, Hunter showed us one of his favorite drills for the fighters and grapplers.  It's a unique, isometric drill that helps teach athletes how to brace, hold position and stand strong in an athletic stance.  Perfect for wrestlers, grapplers and fighters alike.

Coaching Cues

  • Feet wide, toes slightly out
  • Drive the knees out against the band
  • Hips back, chest up, spine straight
  • Start with the weight off center
  • Brace thru the core and pick the weight up
  • Drive the forearms into the bands, using the lats
  • Fight the urge to rotate
  • Hold for time

This is a great drill to help fighters and grapplers learn how to hinge, brace and hold that position for time.  As always, start slowly, maintain perfect form and progress slowly over time.

Hunter trains with an unconventional blend of Yoga, Powerlifting, ballistics and dynamic stability work. Through the careful development of strength, speed, flexibility, balance, intent and awareness; he will teach you how to safely push yourself to the maximum. Hunter approaches fitness as an evolving science, and he will draw upon the latest peer-reviewed research to best cater to your individual goals and body mechanics.

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