The Most Important Part of Your Workout That You’re Not Doing

By Corey Beasley

Do you warm up before training?

Warming up is often overlooked, but when done correctly, a good warm can be a great assessment, prevent injuries, improve performance and help mentally prepare an athlete for practice or competition.

With all of the injuries that people have during training, this may be the most important part of your training.

Here's a sample warm up routine:

Pillars of a Complete Warm Up Program

  1. Mobility Work for the feet, ankles, hips and shoulders.
  2. Activate Weak Links (feet, hips, core and upper back)
  3. Raise the core temperature (crawling, locomotion)

Its very common for people to have stiff ankles, hips and shoulders.  That's why we start with mobility to work to restore proper ranges of motion and get these areas primed for movement.  We follow up with a few simple drills to activate common weak links, like the feet, hips, core, and upper back.  And lastly, we get people moving to raise the core temperature and get people ready for the work that they are about to do. Coaches can use this time to watch and assess their athletes, while talking to them about the Workout for fighter, expectations, telling an inspirational story or getting a read on how their athletes are feeling.

Like we mentioned above, this not only helps people physically prep, but also helps get everyone mentally focused.

Take the time to perform a quality warm up before every session, be conscious, assess your athletes and prepare them mentally and physically for their Workout for fighter.  Over time, this will pay huge dividends.