Hip Abduction Exercises for Jiu Jitsu

By Alex Sterner

Hip Abduction is important for jiu jitsu athletes to perform...everything from retaining guard, recovering positions and even takedown defense depends on the muscles involved when performing these exercises.  In today's video, the guys from Electrum Performance walk us through a handful of their favorite hip abduction exercises that they use with their bjj competitors.

Hip Abduction Exercises for Jiu Jitsu

  1. Lying Hip Abduction
  2. Seated Hip Abduction
  3. Standing Hip Abduction

Electrum PerformanceAlex Bryce and Alex Turner are co-founders of Electrum Performance in San Diego California.  They graduated from the University of Connecticut and have experience working with a variety of different teams and athletes.  Both compete in jiu jitsu and work with the comp team at ATOS, including world champion Andre Galvao.

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