7 Ground Mobility Drills To Help You Move Better, Feel Better and Perform at Your Best

 by Greg Mihovich

Warming up and developing good mobility can help extend your career, avoid injury and increase the level of your performance. In the video below, Greg Mihovich walks us through some of the ground mobility work that he uses to keep his back/spine healthy.  7 Drills that can help you loosen up before practice, after a long flight, after sitting for long periods of time or similar.

Bottom line:  Mobility work will help you move better, feel better and perform at your best.

Diagonal Bridge

Reverse Scorpion

Straddle Rotational Push Up


Prone Reverse Scorpion

Prone Pretzel Rotation

Kneeling Cat Stretch

Greg Mihovich is a top Fitness, Sport Performance and Martial Arts coach recognized throughout the world for his unique training style.  Greg teaches his own system of physical training named Compound Conditioning – he has taught dozens of seminars and workshops around the world and he has been the author of four bestselling DVD series and a book on Joint Mobility, Grip Training, Kettlebell Lifting and Bodyweight Conditioning.  At present Greg owns and runs the Underground Gym in Red Bank, NJ where he teaches an assortment of sport martial art, hand to hand combat and fitness regimens.